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Why do we need likes in YouTube and do they make a profit to the channel owner? Popular video hosting has really become a way of earning money for bloggers who at the end of their videos invariably say the phrase «Subscribe to my channel and make sure you put likes». Authors earn passive income by embedding ads from sponsors, but how does this affect the number of positive ratings? And you can order 50 instagram likes free on.

YouTube likes, why do you need them?

Successful development of the channel and the actual profit from it depends on the number of subscribers and viewings. Authors are not paid for positive ratings, but why do they ask almost all bloggers to put likes on YouTube?

We need likes and dyslaiki so that the author can understand how much the users of the video hosting like the filmed and edited video;
Some users, when putting up likes, mark the video they like, so they can review it later or send it to friends;
The likes are also used for video hosting itself: the system determines the popularity of the content and promotes it by their quantity;
Youtube is able to analyze user preferences and, based on the likes, gives recommendations on videos of similar themes or liked author.
Now it becomes clear why bloggers are so insistent on asking to deflect their content: positive marks promote their work in the top lines of search engine output on YouTube. The more likes, the higher the video will cost, and the system will recommend it to the target audience more often.

How do you earn likes on your channel?

It’s not enough just to ask for likes when you finish your video. For the channel to become popular, you need the right methods to promote it:

Shoot quality video, which will be useful and interesting for the target audience.
Perform high-quality editing of clips to remove excess, as well as complement the video with interesting special effects and transitions.
Compile a detailed description of the video, which will be detailed and fascinatingly depicted the content of the video.
Choose the most vivid and expressive miniatures that reflect the essence of the video. They are the ones that clearly reveal the content of the video and attract the target audience to view it.
At the end of the video, don’t ask for likes, but say that the opinion of your audience is very important for you to continue to work. For convenience, you can attach a «Like» button to the clip that pops up when you finish watching it.

To attract your target audience, it is recommended to have pages on social networks where you will repost your videos from your working channel. Actively recruiting friends, you will be able to increase the number of views and likes, as well as significantly add to the ranks of subscribers.

In addition, you should lead an active «social» life on YouTube: keep feedback from those who wrote reviews under the videos, bark users’ opinions, as well as leave vivid comments under other people’s clips. The latter can interest people: they will go to your account page, view a couple of videos and, after evaluating the available quality content, put likes and subscribe to you.

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